She falls

This is very, very old. Sorry if it sucks.

Standing on the edge,

She stretches out her arms,

And takes a step

Out into the open space.

She tilts forward,


S L O W L Y,

She falls.

Head over heels,

Heels over head.

She flips,

She turns,

And her stomach


And turns

With her.

And she falls

And falls

Until she hits

The pavement.

With a resounding


And her family


At first, loudly.

And then, softly.

And with them,

My heart



Photographs I Missed

I’m sure that there are a million pictures
Of frost on windows, of foggy panes
Of teenagers on sunny days
Embracing in a sunny haze

I’m sure that there are many snapshots
In which children run, play, and hide
In which elders, afraid to die
Sit and rock, pressure high

There must be thousands of photos
That show destitute children cry
That show prosperous, skyward nigh
Lavish airplanes, silken ties

The world contains a million moments,
A million dollars, a million dimes,
A million days, a million times ,
A million shots I missed of you .

Your Heart

I had known Anna for my whole life. She was a year to my senior and like a big sister to me, albeit one whom I loved. Throughout all the years, through all that she and I had been through, I had developed a strong desire to be with her forever. I wanted to live with her so that we could continue always the life we had up to this point. To experience the joys and tragedies of the rest of our lives together. She was my angel, my everything.

But I knew it wouldn’t happen. It wasn’t possible. She loved him. Love isn’t the right word. Infatuation is more fitting. I saw it in her eyes when she spoke of him, when she spoke to him. It made me angry. I was the one man who loved her most in the world and she rejected me. I needed to do something about it. I needed to win back her heart.

So I did.

Quietly at midnight, I ran my fingers along the inside of a potted plant in her yard and pulled up a key. I turned it in the lock and crept silently through the hallway to her room. Listening to her breathing, as I had so many times before, I knew she was deeply asleep. This was the perfect time to do what I needed to do. Slowly, carefully, I creeped to her bedside. I pulled her hair back and breathed in as I placed a silent kiss on her neck.

Her breathing stopped it’s steady rhythm. I stood up quickly and flicked on the light. Her expression as she opened her eyes, the pure shock, I had never seen before. It made me happy. Something new to behold. I smiled and charged with the knife that I had used so many times. So many times…

A swift swipe to the neck, and she was gone. No time to struggle. I lovingly placed my fingertips on her eyelids and slid them closed.

I cut her open slowly, relishing the feeling that I didn’t have often enough, and never from someone who I loved as much as Anna. The feeling of slicing through flesh, of plunging my hands into warm blood. The wonderful, glorious feeling of slicing through arteries and pulling out the heart.

I laid it on her carpet, spraying in red paint the letters I and U, one on each side. Surely she will love me now.